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Why more and more people are looking at insect proteins?


Latest company news about Why more and more people are looking at insect proteins?

  There are about one million species of insects in the world, and more than 3,650 species are edible. According to experts' prediction, by the 21st century, insects will become the third largest source of protein after microorganisms and cellular organisms, because of their variety, large number, wide distribution, fast reproduction, high protein, low fat, low cholesterol, reasonable nutritional structure, less meat fibre, and easy to absorb, the advantages are outstanding and superior to plant proteins, which is a concern for the countries around the world.

Relevant experts have proved after a large number of experiments: the magical substances contained in the insects themselves are incomparable to any plants and animals themselves. Insect protein will be the best additive to change the human body. Princeton University in New Jersey, the United States, was established at the end of the last century to explore a special insect substances of the scientific research team, they found that insect protein has a magical health effects:

Antibacterial peptides


  Insect active protein contains unique antibacterial peptide components, when the body is damaged or pathogenic microbial invasion, antibacterial peptide fast tracking, chasing and killing invaders, antibacterial peptide like immune police, with a sharp knife to meet "the enemy" in the bacteria, viruses, chiseled ion channels on the structure of the cell membrane, so that the bacterial cell membrane structure is destroyed, causing the cell water-soluble substances outflow, thus completely killing the bacteria. The water-soluble substances in the cell are caused to flow out of the cell, thus killing the bacteria completely. Humans often eat insect protein, like a barrier to the body, difficult to immersed in a hundred diseases!

Immune scavenger

Insect active protein is rich in chitin. And the purity of insect chitin is many times more pure than shrimp and crab chitin, chitin is one of the important pillars of the vitality of all living creatures, known as protein, sugar, fat, vitamins, minerals, after the "sixth nutritional elements of life". It is like a hard-working gardener, in the human immune system plays a three-regulation (two-way immune regulation, regulation of pH value, regulation of hormones), three rows (row of harmful substances in cells and body fluids, row of heavy metal ions, row of oxygen toxins), and constantly maintains the internal environment of the human body.

Nutritional richness

Insect active protein is rich in 8 essential amino acids, 17 other amino acids, peptides, unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients to strengthen nutrition, activate cells, very suitable for human absorption, is a natural high-level nutritional enhancer.

Immune Repair

According to CCTV report, the founder of AIDS "cocktail therapy " - the famous Chinese-American scientist Dr. He Dayi 's latest research found that: the unique defence of insect proteins is a kind of small molecule proteins, which has an important role in helping people with AIDS rebuild the immune system. The name of AIDS is "Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome". The scientific name of AIDS is " Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome ", and this research result confirms the unique restorative effect of defensins on the human immune system.

Immune Activation

In addition to antimicrobial peptide and defensin, insect active protein also contains exogenous lectin, which can promote mutual adhesion of cells and inhibit their proliferation, which not only makes normal cells more active, but also kills mutated cells, resists the spread of viruses, activates immunity, and effectively prevents and treats gastrointestinal tract inflammation and various infectious diseases.

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