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Effects of chitin on living organisms.


Latest company news about Effects of chitin on living organisms.
Chitin is present in crab shells and other crustaceans shell edible animal cellulose, with lower cholesterol, enhance immunity, adsorption of harmful substances in the body and excluded from the body, stomach and intestines of the efficacy and role of the body of each person is different, need to use under the guidance of a doctor, you can not arbitrarily use their own.
The efficacy and role of chitin:
1. Lower cholesterol:
Chitin in the body in the form of positively charged cations, can be combined with bile acids and bile salts, can inhibit the absorption of cholesterol in the small intestine, will not only reduce the accumulation of cholesterol in the liver, but also reduce the concentration of malignant cholesterol, and improve the content of benign cholesterol
2. Enhance immunity:
Chitin can improve the body's immunity, has the effect of strengthening the role of immune cells. Animal experiments have confirmed that chitin's immune-enhancing effect helps to reduce the damage of tumor cells, and promote the newborn and normalization of damaged liver cells.
3. Adsorb harmful substances in the body and eliminate them from the body:
Chitin can also reduce the accumulation of heavy metals in the body, the accumulation of heavy metals in the body will cause neuropathy, organ dysfunction and other sequelae, chitin can adsorb heavy metals such as copper, cadmium, zinc, uranium, and excreted.
4. Stomach and intestines:
Chitin can promote the propagation of beneficial bacteria in the intestine, inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria, reduce the opportunity for the growth of coliform bacteria, can improve digestive function, to achieve the effect of stomach and intestines.

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