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Sustainable Solution Black Soldier Fly Oil Extract in Glass Bottle B2B Preferred

Sustainable Solution Black Soldier Fly Oil Extract in Glass Bottle B2B Preferred

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Product Details
Shelf Life:
3 Year
Cool And Dry Place
Glass Bottle
Nutrient Content:
Black Soldier Fly Larvae Oil
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Minimum Order Quantity
Packaging Details
Delivery Time
Payment Terms
Supply Ability
Product Description

Product Description:

Organic Black Soldier Fly Oil is an excellent source of fatty acids extracted from the Black Soldier Fly Larvae. This oil is obtained through a cold-pressed extraction process that preserves its nutritional value and natural taste. This oil contains a high amount of BSFL fatty acids, which are highly beneficial for skin and hair health. It can be used as a daily supplement or as an ingredient in many cosmetic products. Additionally, it is an excellent choice for cooking and baking, as it has a high smoke point and a mild flavor. To ensure its quality, it should be stored in a cool and dry place.


  • Product Name: Black Soldier Fly Oil
  • Smell: Mild
  • Nutrient Content: High
  • Taste: Mild
  • Processing Method: Cold-pressed
  • BSFL Oil Blend: Yes
  • Black Soldier Fly Lipids: Yes
  • Black Soldier Fly Oil Extract: Yes

Technical Parameters:

Parameter Value
Product Name Black Soldier Fly Oil
Shelf Life 3 Years
Ingredients Black Soldier Fly Larvae Oil
Source Organic
Nutrient Content High
Color Black
Fatty Acid Profile Omega-3, Omega-6, Omega-9
Storage Cool And Dry Place
Processing Method Cold-pressed
Packaging Glass Bottle
Keywords Black Soldier Fly Lipids, BSFL Oil Blend, BSFL Fatty Acids Extract


SinoCrown's Black Soldier Fly Oil (BSFO) is a high-quality, organic extract derived from black soldier fly larvae (BSFL) lipids and fatty acids. It has a mild smell and is produced using a cold-pressed process. This oil is an excellent source of essential fatty acids, such as Omega-3, Omega-6, and Omega-9, and has been certified by GMP+ and FDA. It is ideal for use as a dietary supplement, as a natural dietary aid, and in cosmetic products such as skin creams, shampoos, and conditioners. With a minimum order quantity of 100kg and a price of $2.6 per kg, SinoCrown's Black Soldier Fly Oil is an economical solution for those who want to incorporate this valuable ingredient into their products. Thanks to its high supply ability of up to 5000 tons per month, you can be assured that your orders will be fulfilled quickly and efficiently.


SinoCrown Black Soldier Fly Oil

Model Number: BSFO


  • Brand Name: SinoCrown
  • Model Number: BSFO
  • Place of Origin: China
  • Certification: GMP+,FDA
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 100kg
  • Price: $2.6
  • Packaging Details: 25kg/Barrel
  • Delivery Time: 20days
  • Payment Terms: TT/LC
  • Supply Ability: 5000Tons/month
  • Nutrient Content: High
  • Packaging: Glass Bottle
  • Source: Organic
  • Taste: Mild
  • Shelf Life: 3 Year


  • Soldier Fly Oil Emulsion
  • BSFL Oil Blend
  • Organic and Natural
  • High Nutritional Content
  • Mild Taste
  • Long Shelf Life

Support and Services:

Black Soldier Fly Oil Technical Support and Service

We are dedicated to providing the highest quality of technical support and service for Black Soldier Fly Oil. Our team of experts is here to answer any questions or concerns you have about our product.

We offer a variety of ways to get in touch with us, including phone, email, and live chat. We strive to provide fast and accurate responses to all inquiries. If you have a question or issue with our product, our team of experts will provide you with the best solution.

We are also committed to providing our customers with the most up-to-date information about our product. We regularly update our website with new features and information related to Black Soldier Fly Oil.

If you need additional support or assistance, please feel free to reach out to us. We are here to help!

Packing and Shipping:

Packaging and Shipping

Black Soldier Fly Oil is packaged in a 20 litre drum and shipped in a secure carton.

The drum is designed to be leak proof and tamper proof. It is lined with a polyethylene liner to prevent any oil leakage.

The carton is designed to protect the drum from any external damage. It is made of heavy duty corrugated cardboard that can withstand heavy impacts.

The package is labeled properly with the product name, weight, dimensions, and other relevant information.



Q: What is Black Soldier Fly Oil?
A: Black Soldier Fly Oil is a kind of edible oil extracted from Black Soldier Fly larvae. It is a high-quality, healthy and nutritious product.
Q: What is the Brand Name of Black Soldier Fly Oil?
A: The Brand Name for Black Soldier Fly Oil is SinoCrown.
Q: What is the model number of this product?
A: The model number for this product is BSFO.
Q: Where is this product made?
A: This product is made in China.
Q: What certifications does this product have?
A: This product is certified by GMP+ and FDA.


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BSFL black soldier fly larvae oil

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