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Black Soldier Fly Larvae Oil BSFL Lipids Extract

Black Soldier Fly Larvae Oil BSFL Lipids Extract

Black Soldier Fly Larvae Oil

Organic BSFL Lipids Extract

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Product Details
Product Name:
Black Soldier Fly Oil
Fatty Acid Profile:
Omega-3, Omega-6, Omega-9
Nutrient Content:
Cool And Dry Place
Glass Bottle
Shelf Life:
3 Year
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
Packaging Details
Delivery Time
Payment Terms
Supply Ability
Product Description

Product Description:

Superior Quality Black Soldier Fly Larvae Oil BSFL Lipids Extract

Black Soldier Fly Oil is a premium quality lipids extract derived from Black Soldier Fly (BSFL) larvae. It is cold-pressed to obtain a mild-tasting oil with a high nutrient content. The oil is rich in essential fatty acids, including Omega-3, Omega-6, and Omega-9. It is an ideal alternative to conventional cooking oils due to its health benefits and excellent nutritional profile. In addition, its fatty acids are highly stable and resistant to oxidation, making it a suitable ingredient for a variety of applications. The oil can be stored in a cool and dry place for up to two years. With its superior fatty acid profile, Black Soldier Fly Oil is an excellent choice for those looking for an alternative to traditional cooking oils.



  • Product Name: Black Soldier Fly Oil
  • Shelf Life: 3 Year
  • Fatty Acid Profile: Omega-3, Omega-6, Omega-9
  • Source: Organic
  • Taste: Mild
  • Features: BSFL Oil Blend, BSFL Fatty Acids Extract, Soldier Fly Oil Emulsion

Technical Parameters:

Property Value
Color Black
Product Name Black Soldier Fly Oil
Smell Mild
Packaging Glass Bottle
Shelf Life 3 Year
Storage Cool And Dry Place
Source Organic
Taste Mild
Processing Method Cold-pressed
Fatty Acid Profile Omega-3, Omega-6, Omega-9
Special Ingredient Soldier Fly Oil Extract, BSFL Lipids Extract, BSFL Oil Blend


SinoCrown BSFO- The Best Soldier Fly Oil Blend For Your Health

SinoCrown is proud to offer its BSFO, the best soldier fly oil blend on the market. This unique blend of soldier fly oil emulsion is made with the highest quality ingredients, including Omega fatty acids, to provide a superior nutrient content. And with BSFO, you can be sure that you are getting the best possible product, as it is backed by GMP+ and FDA certifications.

BSFO is made from a combination of soldier fly oil and other Omega fatty acids, which give it its unique taste and high nutrient content. It is an excellent source of Omega-3, Omega-6, and Omega-9 fatty acids, which are essential for optimal health and well-being. Additionally, it has a mild taste, making it an ideal choice for those looking to add a healthy boost to their diets.

The BSFO is also available in a convenient glass bottle packaging, making it easy to store and use. And with its minimum order quantity of 100kg and competitive price of $2.6 per kg, it is an excellent value for those looking to get the most out of their purchase. Plus, with its 20-day delivery time and a supply of up to 5000 tons per month, it is sure to meet your needs.

So, if you’re looking for the best soldier fly oil blend on the market, look no further than SinoCrown’s BSFO. Trust us to provide you with the highest quality, highest nutrient content blend of soldier fly oil emulsion at an unbeatable price – all backed by GMP+ and FDA certifications.



SinoCrown Black Soldier Fly Oil
  • Brand Name: SinoCrown
  • Model Number: BSFO
  • Place of Origin: China
  • Certification: GMP+,FDA
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 100kg
  • Price: $2.6
  • Packaging Details: 25kg/Barrel
  • Delivery Time: 20days
  • Payment Terms: TT/LC
  • Supply Ability: 5000Tons/month
  • Ingredients: Black Soldier Fly Larvae Oil
  • Shelf Life: 3 Year
  • Smell: Mild
  • Color: Black
  • Source: Organic

SinoCrown Black Soldier Fly Oil is a natural emulsion extracted from the Black Soldier Fly Larvae (BSFL). It is rich in lipids and fatty acids, and is used as a dietary supplement in various products.

It is ISO and GMP+ certified, ensuring high quality and safety for human consumption. It is also FDA approved, making it suitable for use in food and beverage applications.


Support and Services:

We are proud to offer technical support and service for Black Soldier Fly Oil. Our team of experts are here to answer any questions you may have about our product and provide advice and guidance on how best to use and store it. We also offer a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your purchase.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us as soon as possible at [insert contact details] and our team will be happy to help.

Thank you for choosing Black Soldier Fly Oil.


Packing and Shipping:

Packaging and Shipping for Black Soldier Fly Oil

Black Soldier Fly Oil is packaged and shipped in 1L and 5L volumes. The bottles are made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and are designed to be leakproof, light, and safe for shipping. Each bottle is sealed with a tamper-proof cap and is clearly labeled with the product name and expiration date.

For shipping, the bottles are placed in corrugated cardboard boxes filled with a protective cushioning material to ensure the bottles are properly cushioned during transit. The boxes are marked with a “Fragile” sticker to alert the shipper to take extra care during handling. The box is sealed with a strong adhesive to ensure all contents are secure.

All shipments are sent via a reliable courier service with a tracking number for monitoring the progress of the delivery. The customer is notified of the tracking number to ensure they are able to track the shipment and anticipate its arrival.



Q&A about SinoCrown BSFO

Q1: What is SinoCrown BSFO?

A1: SinoCrown BSFO is a black soldier fly oil product certified by GMP+ and FDA, produced in China.

Q2: What is the minimum order quantity of SinoCrown BSFO?

A2: The minimum order quantity of SinoCrown BSFO is 100kg.

Q3: How much does SinoCrown BSFO cost?

A3: SinoCrown BSFO is priced at $2.6 per kg.

Q4: How is SinoCrown BSFO packaged?

A4: SinoCrown BSFO is packaged in 25kg barrels.

Q5: How long does delivery of SinoCrown BSFO take?

A5: Delivery of SinoCrown BSFO takes about 20 days.

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